While learning the ropes of offensive moves will increase the chances of an opponent hitting the canvas and not recovering in time is important, defense also wins matches. The ability of a boxer to effectively avoid the hard-hitting punches of another fighter helps to maintain stamina and longevity during a match. Below, you will come across brief descriptions regarding defensive boxing techniques, such as the slip, bob and weave, parry/block, and the cover-up.

Bob and Weave: A commonly seen technique in boxing is the bob, which brings the head into a lateral position that ducks below an incoming punch. Boxers, who bend their legs quickly and shift their body to the left or right will be able to avoid making contact with an opponent’s punch. Once the punch has missed its target, a weaving motion will bring the boxer to an upright position.


Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor

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Fight night at Sam’s Town, Mayweather promotions Las Vegas NV Marquis Marvelous Taylor with the title win

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Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor is a fighter who has the quickness needed to put a fighter in danger of getting hurt badly every time he enters the ring.

Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor
Born – 1993
Age – 24
Nationality – USA
Location – Houston, Tx. USA
Weight Class – Welterweight

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