Who We Are

Southern Heat was founded in early 2001 by Titus “T-Nitty” Williams. Born and raised on Houston’s North side, along with younger brother, Al-Fredrick “K. Ruger” Williams, T-Nitty began his underground resume in the late 90’s when he started 4Real Records.  After 3 yrs. of moderate success, opportunity arose to redefine and re-energize the label’s image. With a new name and a revised game plan, Southern Heat was poised to embark upon new levels of success. Additionally, the motivated and very capable K. Ruger was now in position as co-CEO with his brother and as the label’s new solo artist. Soon after, T-Nitty signed his brother and another local artist, Charles “Hollow Point” Stanley, as rap duo Southern Heat, the first act on 4Real. Southern Heat soon became the home for U.S.C. (Urban Sol Click), as well, a group comprised of 4 MC’s. At that point, Southern Heat was ready to initiate a takeover, not only in Houston’s hip-hop scene, but in the industry as a whole. Southern Heat emerged as a cornerstone in Houston’s thriving hip-hop culture, collaborating with artists such as Slim Thug, O.G Ron C, H.A.W.K. of the S.U.C, Mannie Fresh and The Clipse. The Southern Heat artists have also toured with Mystikal and opened for Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Paul Wall, Trina, Lil Keke and Trae. 

K. Ruger’s

K. Ruger’s undeniable raw talent caught the ear of Def Jam’s new president, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. The hip-hop legend was so impressed with the young rapper that he signed him to a major deal, thus making history as Jay-Z’s first hand-selection for Def Jam.

Recognition & Respect

Recognition and respect on such a high level was proof, it seemed, that all of the work Southern Heat was putting into its artists to see their dreams fulfilled was beginning to pay off.


In early 2006, Southern Heat was involved in the NBA All-Star Weekend ‘Houston vs. Detroit MC Battle and Hip Hop Life DVD which hit Wal-mart and Blockbuster stores in April 2007.’

The Soul of Houston

Southern Heat was responsible for bringing in some of Houston’s finest performers, including Kiotti, Mookie Jones and the label’s own, U.S.C.,also special proformerances by Fat Joe, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, & Trina. Most recently to date 2010, Southern Heat is 1 ½ of the management team for one of the hottest new female artist to take the south by storm these days. Yes Houston’s own Ms. Independent Chick herself Candi Redd. This collaboration is yet another move consistent with Southern Heat’s track record of quality and integrity in business. These traits are evident in all of its affiliations, artist and, above all in T-Nitty himself.