Mission Statement

The need for additional quality compensatory education or after school programs is paramount for school-age children, families and communities. School-aged children enrolled in quality after school programs are less at risk to be involved in juvenile crime, substance abuse, antisocial behavior, poor academic performance, and dropping out of school. The Mission of Impacting Houston, Inc. is to be able to provide the safe haven for the facilitation of such an after-school program.

Our History

 In 1996, Cynthia Bailey responded to growing family and community stressors with the development of Sure Thing Inc. now Impacting Houston, Inc.; she envisioned a neighborhood haven for children and youth whose environments were otherwise plagued with academic apathy, economic plight, and social decay.

About Us

IMPACTING HOUSTON provides a litany of additional activities, some of which include one and two-day workshops that focus on leadership, HIV/AIDS education and substance abuse. We sponsor Youth Summits, Basketball Tournaments, Town Hall Meetings, Voter Registration Drives and an annual road trip that highlight the nation’s finest College Universities.

City of Houston TX

Houston City Mayor Hon. Sylvester Turner

“There is no better place for the mayor of the city of Houston to be, then right here. After Hurricane Harvey, we still have thousands of people in hotels, but the spirit of Houston is good”.

US Congresswoman 18th District Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee

“I’m excited about Impacting Houston, and all they have done for the community”.

Houston City Council Rep. Amanda Edwards At Large 4

“I am so excited to be here, at Spring Blast. I look forward to it every year.”

IMPACTING HOUSTON, Inc., formerly known as Sure Thing Inc. is a organization established in 1996. As a beacon of light in the underserved Northeast Community of Houston, TX known as Settegast.

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Impacting Houston | Houston City Mayor, Hon. Sylvester Turner | Houston City Council, Rep. Amanda Edwards, At Large 4 | US Congresswoman 18th District, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee | 

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Our community initiatives lend themselves to giving back to those that have so generously supported our organization. We participate in community cleanups, volunteer works for homeless initiatives, clothing drives and service to our senior citizens.

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