About Me

M.C.V is a producer that was born in Gary Indiana in 1986. In 1993 his father made him learn how to play the drums and other percussion instruments. He took a quick liking to playing the drum set by trying to play along with soul, funk, and rock music. In 1999 he decided he wanted to make beats because he started rapping with a couple of his guys from his neighborhood. This is where his producer tag “M.C.V B****” came from. So also in 1999 he downloaded the FL Studio demo version and started learning how to make beats digitally. He rapped and produced up until 2012 when he decided to strictly concentrate on production. M.C.V is a producer that is not afraid to step outside of the box for all genres of music. His production gives you a Soulful upbeat commercial feel. It can also be laid back, dark or very chill and funky.


(She Murdered) Mr. Mince Ft DJ London