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Our services are vital in the communities we do business in.

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We provide a wide variety of services ranging from distributions, productions, and non profit

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Non Profit

While even national charity organizations struggle with a lack of funding, the biggest beneficiaries of philanthropy are small and medium organizations that have limited fund-raising options.


Southern Heat Entertainment supports some of the top ranked boxers in the nation.


Production quality ranks high for Southern Heat Entertainment. Focusing on


Southern Heat Entertainment has a proven track record of a dominant and prosperous management team.


In the CEO’s own words: “My brother can’t walk across that stage to receive a Grammy. I’m doing my part to make sure that those who remain to carry on his legacy and the legacy of Southern Heat will reap the success that they deserve.” As this indie-powerhouse label is concerned, the past was dynamic, the future looks promising and the present is proof that for Southern Heat, there are no endings, only new and inspired beginnings.