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RiFF RAFF Feat. Chief Keef “TiP TOE 3”

Dolce | Gabbana

Choppin’ Blades | Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd






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Gucci Jacuzzi

If you don’t know, now you know

Horst Christian Simco known as Riff Raff, is a rapper from Houston, Texas. He was originally managed by Swishahouse co-founder OG Ron C.

Megan Thee Stallion

New Music Alert!

Megan Thee Stallion X MoneyBaggYo- Make A Bag

Tina Montana

Freak Nasty

Megan Thee Stallion – Big Ole Freak

Megan Thee Stallion freestyle flow is so hot, you can’t deny her talent in the rap game. Her presence is a force to be reckoned with, so make room for this H-Town hottie, if you don’t, then get out of the way.

Houston rapper and 1501 Southern Heat Entertainment & Pretty Time Management, Megan The Stallion aka Tina Snow dropped another trunk banger. Produced by DJ Chose, Megan The Stallion put hard rhymes & bars on this outstanding track, and created hot monkey lava.

Megan The Stallion kicks off #WomensHistoryMonth the Southside Houston rapper is in a lane of her own. While Travis Scott, Maxo Kream, and Trill Sammy race up the charts, there is a little to no coverage of female artists coming out of Houston.

Megan Thee Stallion

Congratulations to the young champion Marquis Marvelous Taylor

Floyd Mayweather sends his congratulations to Marquis Marvelous Taylor for a fantastic win August 3rd 2018. This was a huge win for the Houston TX native, to bring home the Welterweight belt. This young man is the true definition of hard work, and shows that with it you can acquire your dreams.

Floyd Mayweather Promotions Presents

Exploring The Common Boxing Moves: Defensive Boxing Moves

While learning the ropes of offensive moves will increase the chances of an opponent hitting the canvas and not recovering in time is important, defense also wins matches. The ability of a boxer to effectively avoid the hard-hitting punches of another fighter helps to maintain stamina and longevity during a match. Below, you will come across brief descriptions regarding defensive boxing techniques, such as the slip, bob and weave, parry/block, and the cover-up.

Bob and Weave: A commonly seen technique in boxing is the bob, which brings the head into a lateral position that ducks below an incoming punch. Boxers, who bend their legs quickly and shift their body to the left or right will be able to avoid making contact with an opponent’s punch. Once the punch has missed its target, a weaving motion will bring the boxer to an upright position.

Slip: Slipping involves the slight rotation of the body when an incoming punch is arriving. This motion causes the punch to pass by the head without any connection. As a punch nears, a boxer should rotate the hips and shoulders in a sharp movement. The result is chin protection as the punch “slips” past the opponent.

The Cover-Up: When the face or body becomes unprotected, covering up is often used as a last resort. The cover up involves holding the hands up high in front of the head and chin. Body protection is accomplished through tucking the forearms against the torso. Head protection is achieved when pressing both fists into the front of the face. This defense mechanism is poor protection from underneath attacks.

Parry/Block: When facing an assortment of punching attacks, a boxer may use their hands to defend himself or herself. As a punch nears, the boxer will use an open-handed blow in a quick, lateral motion to redirect the wrist or forearm of an opponent.

Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor

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Fight night at Sam’s Town, Mayweather promotions Las Vegas NV Marquis Marvelous Taylor with the title win

Boxing is a classic sport that we support at Southern Heat Entertainment. Our athletes are ranked with some of the best. 

Pro Ranked Boxer

Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor is a fighter who has the quickness needed to put a fighter in danger of getting hurt badly every time he enters the ring.

Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor
Born – 1993
Age – 24
Nationality – USA
Location – Houston, Tx. USA
Weight Class – Welterweight

Box Rec

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Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor has a strong defense, this means avoiding & blocking punches thrown. He does this with graceful movement, positioning his arms & his body & by using his power of observation.

Coming Soon to Complex ‘Purple Scorpion’ 

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Home of OG RON C & The ChopStars

OG RON C had been chopping up tapes for years. In 2001 DJ Screw the founder of the hip hop sub-genre of SCREW passed and OG RON C had a vision of keeping DJ SCREW music alive! Through the ChopNotSlop app OG Ron C continues to Chop up music and keep the focus on the Late Great DJ SCREW.

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$5000 Distribution Deal. CHOPPED NOT SLOPPED MUSIC SHOWCASE presented by OG Ron C at the Warehouse 813 ST Emanuel ST. Houston TX 77003. Event starts at 8pm until 12am.


LIVIN THE HUSTLE is all new! Check LARA MARCEL as she breaks down the HAW events and stops by the new GREEN series hosted by Houston’s 93.7 THE BEATS own DEVI DEV with creator of RAP ELLIOTT WILSON.

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  In 1996, Cynthia Bailey responded to growing family and community stressors with the development of Sure Thing Inc. now Impacting Houston, Inc.; she envisioned a neighborhood haven for children and youth whose environments were otherwise plagued with academic apathy, economic plight, and social decay.

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“I am so excited to be here, at Spring Blast. I look forward to it every year.”

Houston City Mayor Hon. Sylvester Turner

“There is no better place for the mayor of the city of Houston to be, then right here. After Hurricane Harvey, we still have thousands of people in hotels, but the spirit of Houston is good”.

US Congresswoman 18th District Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee

“I’m excited about Impacting Houston, and all they have done for the community”. “What I love about Impacting Houston is that they are not afraid to get face first in the dirt and lead the community by example. This is definitely an organization I will continue to support.

Hon. Sylvester Turner
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IMPACTING HOUSTON, Inc., formerly known as Sure Thing Inc. is a organization established in 1996. As a beacon of light in the underserved Northeast Community of Houston, TX known as Settegast.

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee
US Congresswoman 18th District