Marquis Marvelous Taylor VS Quinton AlphaWolf Randall

Sunday, June 23th

“I came home with the belt”

“I said I would bring the belt home, and I did.” Marquis told his IG followers. “All I wanna do is make my momma  proud” as he prepared himself for a night in Las Vegas NV. Well in my opinion Marquis, you did just that. Houston TX champion Marquis Marvelous Taylor is a young athlete the children of H-Town can aspire to be. Keep up the good work “Champ”

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A Brief History Of Boxing

Boxing has become one of the most celebrated sports of our time. With big name matches being held in glamorous locations like Las Vegas, it attracts the interest of media world wide as well as the attention of boxing enthusiasts.

The history of boxing shows us that the sport is basically the same as when it was first introduced. Granted some of the aspects have evolved considerably since then. However, the basic premise remains largely the same.

To trace the history of boxing to its roots we need to go back to North Africa during 4000 BC. Another place that participated in boxing early on was the Mediterranean during 1500 BC.

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Boxing a great Sport

Boxing is a very demanding sport that can bring great rewards to someone that gives it everything that they have and more. If you can stick with boxing, then you will learn many very important life skills that will help you to be a better person. Also you can make a great career out of boxing, and might even become rich and famous. However if the proper respect and effort is not given, then the sport can eat you up, and spit you back out again.

Born – 1993
Age – 25
Nationality – USA
Location – Houston, Tx. USA
Weight Class – Welterweight

Slip: Slipping involves the slight rotation of the body when an incoming punch is arriving. This motion causes the punch to pass by the head without any connection. As a punch nears, a boxer should rotate the hips and shoulders in a sharp movement. The result is chin protection as the punch “slips” past the opponent.

The Cover-Up: When the face or body becomes unprotected, covering up is often used as a last resort. The cover up involves holding the hands up high in front of the head and chin. Body protection is accomplished through tucking the forearms against the torso. Head protection is achieved when pressing both fists into the front of the face. This defense mechanism is poor protection from underneath attacks.

Parry/Block: When facing an assortment of punching attacks, a boxer may use their hands to defend himself or herself. As a punch nears, the boxer will use an open-handed blow in a quick, lateral motion to redirect the wrist or forearm of an opponent.

While learning the ropes of offensive moves will increase the chances of an opponent hitting the canvas and not recovering in time is important, defense also wins matches. The ability of a boxer to effectively avoid the hard-hitting punches of another fighter helps to maintain stamina and longevity during a match. Below, you will come across brief descriptions regarding defensive boxing techniques, such as the slip, bob and weave, parry/block, and the cover-up.

Bob and Weave: A commonly seen technique in boxing is the bob, which brings the head into a lateral position that ducks below an incoming punch. Boxers, who bend their legs quickly and shift their body to the left or right will be able to avoid making contact with an opponent’s punch. Once the punch has missed its target, a weaving motion will bring the boxer to an upright position.


Marquis “MARVELOUS” Taylor has a strong defense, this means avoiding & blocking punches thrown. He does this with graceful movement, positioning his arms & his body & by using his power of observation.

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